Enabling dialogical space (The first layer)

I suspect that the enabling dialogical space is perhaps a more general theory about the foundation of space in which any transformative process can occur, and by transformation there is an overall domain that I have taken to be dialogical in nature. In fact, it appears that the overall domain is transformative, and dialogic processes are an example of a practice within the dialogical domain, which in turn participates in the larger transformative domain. I have come to realize that many transformative processes fail to explicitly and intentionally develop a transformative foundation within which to work, but very often take this formation as a given and concentrate instead on the process to be enacted. While I clearly indicate that dialogical, and thus transformative processes, are naturally occurring, I hold that these processes are more likely to occur and transformation is more likely to emerge if there is definite intentionality toward the foundation of the enabling space, comprised, as I have outlined, of qualitative time and space, willingness and good faith.