Key reasons for not using Simu-Real are outlined in The Change Handbook (Holman & Devane, 1999) and these are the case for this application: the task is not clear, there is not agreement on what actions need to be taken, and there is complacency.

Simu-Real also seems to be designed around an assumption of a goal-oriented organizational entity, which is not the case for the divergent community in this application. The suggested participants are microcosms of the whole, (Holman & Devane, 1999) and that is both not easy to determine and far too likely to exclude rather than include members of the community necessary.

Simu-Real’s intention to offer practice leading to understanding and skills for the future is exactly the kind of work that the community in focus for this application paper does with itself for each event, whether that is a ritual or in the setting of a class. The specific community does already offer itself the opportunity to collectively experience, many times over the course of a multi-day event, the visioning and action of ritual events. This has made me realize that it is possible to think about each event and ritual as a large group intervention process, and a specific method native to the community. I will also explore another native large group method practiced by this specific community later in this paper.