… a reclaiming witch

Where the creative arts are the praxis of imagination so is activism the praxis of an idealistic imagination. I believe this is fundamentally related to design thinking design thinking that mediates between what is and what could be, to discern what should be. Design thinking, at least in some sense, is as much the same denial of realism because it is a search for what is more than is.

Therefore, I submit that activism is also praxis of design thinking. And, since activism is an attempt to manifest the desire for what should be through invoking and evoking an imaginal idealism into the real, I submit that design thinking is a form practical magic, the art of changing the world through the use of will, of consciousness. When this practice is wholistic and systemic, I submit that it is a form of witchcraft, deeply rooted in consensus power instead of command. Both Axelrod (2002) and Starhawk (1990) speak to the importance of this distinction, and there is demonstration of the connection between creative change in the world and … creative change in the world through magic

I therefore suggest that witchcraft is a religion of post-modern systemic wholism that complements the scientific, technological post-modernism (p395) of ceremonial magicians.