Willingness and ability

I would likely add that the conduit from criteria to an emergent dialogue is ability, or skill. This implies that skill is not necessary to develop a dialogic environment, but that the ability is an important factor in whether an emergent dialogue develops. While willingness is necessary, ability can be developed over time. It is the cultivation of this dialogic ability in self and other within dialogical space that creates reciprocal relationships between entities in the form of positive feedback within the system.

In the circles of engagement, the innermost circle is one where the participants move closer together through willingness by cultivating dialogic ability in their collective relationship. Like a precision stunt team, the skills of the members determines how close the stunt formation may be risked. So too the ability of participants in dialogic process determines how tightly the relationships within dialogical space can form. I sense that the likelihood and speed at which dialogue emerges is determined generally by this closeness of these dynamic, systemic relationships.