I started this unbook-inspired collection of documents as a way to put my Master’s Thesis online, The Fifth Principle of Dialogue. Other documents here may or may not be related to my thesis work. Then again, everything’s connected, right?

The documents I am making available here are in various states of polish: some are papers I finished, others are drafts, and still others are somewhere in between. New additional versions of these documents may appear as new milestones are reached in the editing or my own thinking. Even the more polished pieces could see new versions over time.

I welcome your input and interaction with me over this material. Consider this unbook site as a way to engage these texts through a collective marginalia with others and the author.

If you’re interested in what unbook means you might check out Dave Gray’s post about the the unbook movement, unbook.com’s about page, or the CommentPress theme at The Institute for the Future of the Book.

(Although less interactive, you may also be interested in gandering through some of my other papers on the academic pursuits page of my main site.)

As for terms of use: please do not break copyright law. I also will not break copyright law. I consider your comments to be yours, however quotes and ideas from our interactions may end up in future documents or revisions. Maybe I should say more about that, but if you are unclear about what this means simply send me an e-mail, before participating in the discussion, so we can see about reaching a meeting of minds.

Although I’m pretty sure everything is working currently, I’m futzing with the way the commentpress theme works. I may occasionally break things. So, Don’t Panic, as they say in the good book.

Questions, Comments, Suggestions? Send me an e-mail via [email protected].

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