These are snapshots, an indefinite and infinite more are possible between these three, or beyond or akimbo in any direction, angle, depth or quality. And still, none of these are more than representational, filtered and partial. These are not the actual place, nor even the “actual” imaginal.

Embody & Enlighten

Embody & Enlighten

No matter how “accurate” these representations are, they are not what they represent.

The center snapshot in each study represents how the maps map onto each other, a blended map of the human condition. This is the struggle of the imaginal to manifest itself in the world and the world to touch and awaken the imaginal in itself. The imaginal seeks to embody itself in the world; the world seeks to enlighten itself with the imaginal.

Posted by John Bell on May 11, 2006
Tags: Sigils of Imagination

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