One of the most definite engagements within the larger community is the periodic offering of classes in the Reclaiming tradition. Offered as intensive weekends, either 2 or 3 days long, each class is part of a foundation that builds skill and understanding in the Reclaiming tradition and practice. The classes begin with a foundation of terms and knowledge, to create a shared vocabulary, while offering a model of the role of the individual in a Reclaiming group. Further classes build on the foundation of each previous class, and each includes a variety of opportunity for the development of skills and the acquisition of knowledge through practice in a safe and supportive environment.

In addition to the classes, there are also public rituals that are engagements with the greater community. The annual spiral dance at Samhain, or Halloween, is one of the most well known and well attended, often attracting crowds in the hundreds. Over the several years I have been active, we have also occasionally offered rituals at Brigid, also called Imbolc, at the end of January, and Spring Equinox, which occurs near Easter.

Each of these events, whether rituals or classes, offer an opportunity, especially in the planning of an event, to take part in the Reclaiming model of consensus decision making, and rich opportunity for the community to engage with itself as a community of practice. I have, in thinking about these, come to realize that each event is a form of large group intervention, and, especially, the planning process and action for the annual Spiral Dance is worthy of signifying as a large group intervention native to the community itself.

Classes in the Reclaiming Tradition

Classes in the Reclaiming Tradition

Posted by John Bell on June 8, 2006
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