A circle of practitioners, which includes myself, are starting up what looks to be a regular gathering to sing songs from Reclaiming tradition and other sources. We have arranged with a new book shop in downtown, The Smoking Gnome's Workshop, to hold the gathering there, in an open and public place without any cost to the group or participants.

Pagan Songs with Other Pagans

We had been talking about this idea for some time, over a year, in fact. As we were working on the maypole decided to make it happen.

It's public because we thought that would create more connections with the community for the witches and Reclaiming related events, like the classes, and also for the annual Spiral Dance at Samhain.

Songs and chants are part of all the Reclaiming classes and events in which we’ve participated. So, not only is the action an action in and of itself, but we wanted to have more opportunity to practice and experience the songs and chants from Reclaiming through the year.

By engaging in this action, by putting on this event, we hope that there is an opportunity to strengthen our own practice and also to develop a greater engagement in the Reclaiming community as well as more opportunity for the Reclaiming community to be engaged with the greater community in which it participates.

Posted by John Bell on June 8, 2006
Tags: Putting Community In

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