I will admit that my first conception of a large group intervention for the community in focus in this paper was one that involved being more directly connected with the larger community. I was framing the intervention as one where the specific community would make an intervention into the larger community. I have over the course of this application inquiry come to realize that the primary intervention needed at this time is one that is an internal intervention for the community itself. This change in direction has implications for the application, and I am constantly finding myself returning to the issues of good faith and the question of sustainability. If the application is primarily internally directed, then the concern about methods being undermined by a lack of good faith is less important because the community has a sense of good faith with itself.

However, with the re-direction to an internal intervention, the issue of community sustainability comes to the foreground. The issue of building community seems to naturally become foremost and building a vision for the future comes in a close second. It is in the problematic issue of getting everyone necessary to the table that is the primary cause of future visioning coming secondary. If the community is in and of itself stronger, and is in better communication with itself, then the knowledge of who needs to be part of a future visioning process is potentially made much more possible and intelligible.

Posted by John Bell on June 8, 2006
Tags: Putting Community In

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